Gülen Gözler Matinesi

A Modern Yeşilçam Movie Adaption by Burak Kaplan


“Everything aside, it was an honor to be part of this film. Gülen Gözler Matinesi was one of the precious projects that we have chance to see the fruits of our labor.”

— Gökhan Terlemez

Here you can see in detail the dramatic effects of sound design on the film:


Field Records / 28 Sep 2016
Before the Sound Design

A carefully designed film set is the most crucial element for sound record. For sure, some technique troubles are almost unavoidable but when they are at minimum, it shortens the process of audio mixing.

Here dialogs are difficult to hear because of ambient sound and there are sections that don’t have sound during camera transitions.

Sound Design / 22 May 2017
After the Sound Design

As you can see and hear, sound design gets us closer to the emotion that the film emphasizes, and carries us out from the film set, into the ambience of cinema.

Later on, we will be sharing more of our Before/After videos with you.

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