We Love to Help

Money is not everything! We work for free on the projects that our team chooses.


Every two months, we work without charging fee on a project which is chosen by our team.

We know that a lot of projects run out of money before it goes to sound design. It is our responsibility to support people who put their hearts in to their projects and develop new perspectives for youth and society.

This is our written statement that the person whose project is chosen will not pay for any of our services.

In the list below, you can see the services that the chosen project can benefit from:

  • Foley (Sound Recreation) — Let us complete the missing sounds for you.
  • Mastering — Generally, it is used for music recording, but still we welcome all kinds of sounds that you want to make clear.
  • Noise Reduction — If you don’t prefer to use “noise” as the lucky charm of your project, let us clean them!

In order to inform us about the projects that you want to get help, you can use our contact page or send an e-mail to info@sestasarim.com.